Memoirs of the Dark

Chocolate Years

Take a heartfelt journey with Lorina Simmons, otherwise known as Chocolate, who was raised in one of the roughest housing projects in Queens, New York, and see her life through her words.  She bares her struggles and her painful, poverty stricken life, in which she suffered abuse.  After being raised by her grandmother and her drug-addicted mother, she landed in the foster care system.  Tossed from ghetto to ghetto, her life became a series of battles. which included promiscuity, petty crimes, drugs, violence, survival, education, and love.  Will self-destruction be the outcome for young Chocolate for years to come, especially when she met Maurice Sparks, a handsome red bone with ulterior motives, or will C.J. (Corey Jeppard), another stunning man and veteran be the key to life-altering decisions?

Will a world full of deceit and betrayal make or break her?  Through turmoil, however, music became her guide and sanctuary, as she continued to survive in the belly of the beast, known as the streets.

Awesome Read



I absolutely loved the in your face truth and honesty of this book 

Omar D. Clark

This book is raw and real.  Highly Recommended 



That was a page turner.  Loved the way the author described the scenery of New York in the late 80's and 90's, with the music to go with it