Whether is my life, or life as seen through my eyes,  I will take you on a Journey of being a black woman growing in some of the roughest streets.  These stories can be told across the Globe, however I will place you there; feeling my pain, my anguish, and my joy.  Please enjoy, and let me know what you think, as I place it all out there for you to read.  Love You!

Memoirs of the Dark Chocolate YEARS


Don't let the word BITCH pose as form of disrespect or threat to the female race.  Yet defined as a female dog, I or we rather or not labeled as such.  The word BITCH can be depicted or broken down into different terminologies other than degradation.  The term BITCH ASS can be described as a pussy, punk, coward, soft, sweet, lacking back bone, a sissy, dick rider, a homo or so on.  A BITCH to me has power.  She is a boss and a force to reckoned with.  She takes no shorts.  She's a lion in the wilderness.  She's venomous and skillful.  A bitch is unstoppable and irreplaceable.  She will kill at will.  She's a go-getter, a rider, outspoken and a rare jewel.  She is a warrior, who is a survivor against all odds.  She is a ruthless Queen.  Every REAL BITCH has to reach hell before she can get to her heaven.  Thanks to nemeses, haters, and back stabbers that are rooted in family members, so-called friends, and mutual acquaintances, I would like to thank you for making me the BITCH that I am today.

Every Man Held Accountable


Amyth Summer Knight seem to have always fallen between a rock and hard place since a youth.  Watch her grow and blossom into a beautiful, vivacious, sexy educated milato woman and witness how she overcomes her demons from a morbid past.  Her journey will have you on the edge of your seat as she builds courage and the strength of a lioness to withstand anything.  She wages the war of love, lost, abuse, foster care, arched nemeses, and is a possible suspect in a series of murders.  With the help of Jessica, she can't go wrong as they prepare to defend her at all cost.  But, when a few handsome notorious men, known as the fierce detective, John Smalls, the infamous, Curtis Hayfield, and the heartless Santiago Jordan, cause havoc, will she be able to handle the pressure?  Or will her refuge be through the charming Calvin Jabbs Wright?  Only time will tell through this intense kick-ass thriller of a story.